“Redo, Reboot, Recharge & Reset”
Posted By : Date : Alisa | 03-24-2020
“Redo, Reboot, Recharge & Reset” As we embark on a new chapter of life during this “March Madness” it allows me to reflect on what’s really vital to me and how I can go about Redoing, Rebooting, Recharging & Reseting certain areas of my life during this time. Below are my “TOP 5 WELLNESS TIPS” that I feel may be beneficial during this intense time we ALL are dealing with as a nation.  My heart goes out to all of those that have been affected by this “Corona Virus” and…
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Starsona Greeting
Posted By : Date : Alisa | 10-10-2019
Now Alisa Reyes fans can get a video shout out from the producer -actress!
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