Believe In Yourself

The Law of Attraction says what you put out comes back to you. That manifestation is beyond imperative because one must visualize ones desires and dreams first in order to create energy for that desire and dream.

We live in a world that is all about social media, how many followers does one have, how many Likes does one have, how much traffic is going through ones website, how many this how many that. Seems to be all about a status quo huh? In a world full of technology we tend to lose the real vision the real purpose of life which is simple and only a 4 letter word and that is the word LOVE.

LOVE doesn’t care how many followers or subscribers or Likes a person has. LOVE only loves. Its that simple.Its funny how we tend to forget the simple things in life. Love is the answer and Believing In Yourself means that YOU truly LOVE yourself inside and out. Which is the goal.You must love yourself first in order to love back right? Because we are all reflections of one another. That through good and bad times you will find out that LOVE has no color, no religion, no race, no sex. We live in a world with a lot of hate and violence where innocent people die on a daily basis for no reason. We live in a world where people have no means for themselves no way to survive no food to eat no water to drink. That is why we must dig deep down in our souls core and start Believing In Ourselves more. So we can all start making a positive change in the world and the first step to change is loving yourself and sending that love and light back out into the world. We as the human race must start uplifting one another and start looking at one another as LOVE rather then enemies. We must look in the mirror and realize that Believing In Ones Self starts with LOVE.

LOVE is the KEY.

My favorite saying is that I send everyone in the world LOVE and LIGHT Always. That the Golden Rule which is Treat Others As You Wish to be treated is so true it was one of the first things I learned in school. What if we actually followed that rule then all the hate and negativity would not exist. So during these trying times its up to us as a nation as a generation to send out LOVE and LIGHT always to Treat Others As We Wish to Be Treated and to start loving and Believing In Yourself.

You can do anything you want as long as you put your mind to it and turn that thought into an action. Thoughts are very powerful. So getting in tuned with your thoughts and your mental being is vital when it comes to Believing In Yourself. We are our own best friend yet we can be our own worst enemy. Realizing that EGO is nothing but a fear based emotion that holds no basis at all. Other then to cause a false anxiety for no reason.

Setting Intentions are helpful. Utilizing the amazing help life has to offer such as tools for grounding yourself and starting to work on YOU and making YOU a priority. MY number #1 is God, our Lord Jesus Christ. I put him before anything because of him I am alive. My faith is strong as is my hope and optimism with life. The journey is real my friend but don’t be afraid they say God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle. So one day at a time is the key setting a positive intention on a daily basis and creating time for prayer, meditation and YOU time. I have a vision board in my home with all of my goals and desires and I put pen to paper and manifest as often as I can with my vision board. Reminding myself about my purpose my goals. A clear mind is a healthy mind so a healthy routine is also key. Rest and diet and activity always enhances the manifestation process. At the end of the day make sure at least once a day you say a gratitude prayer and that you say to yourself that you love yourself as well. Start surrounding yourself with people that uplift you rather then bring you down. Start creating a healthy daily routine for yourself and start spreading love and light to others. These simple habats which are healthy ones will enhance the way you Believe In Yourself and make life just little bit easier to cruise on through.

Life is short so lets start living it. I send you all Love and Light Forever and Always.





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