Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

As we embark on October I sit back as I write this blog and say to myself where has 2019 gone?

Boy has this year flew by like a cool breeze. As the summer comes to an end and the fall begins to do her magic I realize that this is a great moment to stop and ponder on my goals and my manifestions and begin to re- evaluate my:

“To Do List of LIFE”.

What can we do to improve our ascension and connecting to our highest and greatest good going into this 2020?

This 2019 I have realized that my “To Do List of LIFE” needed to be condensed and prioritzed. A “Full Steam Ahead” moment needed to take place.

A reboot, a recharge, a re due.

I had to remind myself that sometimes in life we play so many roles that we tend to become drained which is not healthy for ones energy field. Sometimes a CHANGE must occur for real growth and manifestation to blossom and bloom into its fullest potential. Or sometimes its just ok to just do NOTHING because doing nothing is making a choice to do something as well. At the end of the day we need to learn to let lose and ease up and not be so hard on ourseleves.

We live in a 3D Matrix world where life can become such a repetative cyle of the same old program that if we would just remeber that all we are ever trying to fully embrace is our heart center.

Which is love.

In order for us to be the reflections we want to see in others we must always start within.

Then life will flurish.

As I get older the journey becomes more real. The old programing we all were accustomed to may no longer serve your current program and purpose in life currently.

And thats ok.

As we “Full Steam Ahead” into the last few months of the year what will you choose to keep and what will you choose to let go of?

Remember you are the captain of your ship.

Be Present, Be your authentic beautiful self.

Be free, be at peace and most of all SMILE.

Dont watch TIME be in the TIME for the….


Sending you all so much love & light,




2 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead

  1. Jason Larsen says:

    I agree with you 100%.

    1. Alisa says:

      Thank you that means a lot

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