10 things about Alisa Reyes you didn’t know

10 things about Alisa Reyes you didn’t know

1.) I use to race cigarette boats based out of Key West, FL with a company called Super Boat International. #FountainMercury #XtremeRacing #DollhouseFootwear (sponsor)

2.) Jeff Goldbloom the actor was one of my acting teachers at a school called Play House West in LA.

3.) One of my favorite authors is Betty Smith.

4.) I love butterflies.

5.) I didn’t learn how to drive till I was around 17 years old. Due to the fact that I was a born and raised New Yorker, you don’t need a car in NY in LA you do! #masteredthe405 ( the 405 is one of the most stressful freeways within our 50 states fyi )

6.) I am a writer & a producer. I have a children’s book called “Minou” a story about a traveling cat. This is a story my mother started and when she passed in 2008 I continued her legacy on. Along with a few other TV shows & films.

7.) I was in a girls singing group called “3G’s”. We were signed with Hollywood Records-Handprint Management. “3G’s” has a song on the Princess Diaries soundtrack with a song called “Crush”!

8.) “3G’s” the singing group I was in had their own trading cards with the company Toaster Struddle. The group consisted of myself and two other girls. Amy & Kristen.

9.) I love to bowl. I have bowled with multiple leagues that are sanctioned with an average of 130 currently. #HighestGame209

10.) I will be releasing a music single early 2016 on iTunes and other media outlets. I wrote my lyrics and plan to release a video.


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