What does Manifestation mean to you?

Manifestation to me means enhancing your life’s purpose into a reality. Turning a thought into action and creating a world of endless possibilities. We as human being’s have the world on a string though it’s up to us on how we maintain that string and how to make sure that we aim it in the right direction.

On a personal note I started acting at the age of 8 years old. I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a performer, an artist, an entertainer. I remember trying to stick my end in the TV and saying to my mother “Mommie, I want to be on Sesame Street, I want to sing and dance!” I made sure that my voice was heard no matter what age I was. The key thing is taking your thoughts and being vocal about them and then putting those thoughts into actions by imprinting them into the universe and giving it to GOD.

Having a healthy routine for myself is key and beyond vital for me. The minute I wake up in the morning I thank God for allowing me to live another day, for allowing me to see another sunrise and sunset, for allowing me to breathe air and to actually be able to stop and smell the roses. Setting your intentions right when you start your day is very vital to me. Acknowledging God and the universe when I wake up helps me set the right tone for the day I have ahead of me. There is nothing worse than waking up in a rush and not taking a moment for me to thank God for all of his blessings (or whomever your greater being is for you). Let alone taking the time to set aside a few minutes for yourself when you start your day will help you get in that positive state of mind.

My morning routine consists of me reading my daily prayers and horoscopes and spiritual readings that help me start my day on the right foot. Also making sure I have a good breakfast in me, as my mom use to say breakfast is the most vital meal of the day. Of course diet/nutrition and exercise/activity is key and by adding these three key steps into your routine (prayer/meditation, nutrition and activity) this positive way of living will help make your days go by smoother and make you feel less stressed as the days go by.

One of my favorite things to do is to create a vision board for myself once a year. I usually go to my local Hobby Lobby store and buy a big white card board square and write my name in the middle of it along with the year. Then I begin gluing photos of my dream home, car, etc or things that I want for myself along with physically writing on this board things that I intend to do for myself, goals, desires, dreams,etc. That way a few times a month I can sit down and look at the board and I can start crossing off the things I added to it to see how I have progressed as the days go by and see what areas I need to work on for myself. It’s a reminder this board to keep going and to never give up.

I also have found YouTube to be an amazing self-help area for myself. I have found some amazing people who I like to call my spiritual teachers that help me along the way.

Shout out to Doreen Virtue, Neil Cooper, Christelle Martinette and Solara An Ra. All of these amazing people have YouTube channels that I follow and tune into from time to time that help me kick-start my day or for when I am having a hard time and I just need a mojo boost. Be sure to check out these amazing people I have found online and check out their channels when you can on YouTube. Some of what I follow may not be for you but I had to share and spread the love and light!

At the end of the day being happy and loving yourself is key. It’s like that old saying if you can’t be happy within your own company what good are you to others? Loving yourself must come first than loving others will flow like water. Taking care and nurturing your mind-body and soul is key. Then all will fall into alignment for the greater good.

Creating alone time for prayer and mediation is what helps me get through life. My relationship with the Lord is my saving grace. Wiithout God nothing is possible for me. When I lost my mother Brenda in 2008 her passing changed my life to the core. I call my mother’s death my rebirth. I took a sad heartbreaking situation and turned it into a positive. Instead of allowing EGO and fear take over me I embraced God and my local church and finally became one within my local community and stopped thinking about ME and my needs and started to put helping others first. Even though loving yourself is key also helping and loving others is key too. I strongly believe in what we put out comes to you. I am a big believer of the law of attraction. If you never read the book “The Secret” I advise you to do so. It for sure opened my eyes. Do you ever notice when you say and think a thought and keep feeding it energy whether its good or bad it comes true. Our thoughts are money meaning you think it you give it fuel it will happen. So be careful and smart about what you think and how you think it. Do you realize that we create our reality so if we are having a bad day and we stay thinking in a negative state of mind then the rest of the day will stay bad. So with a simple tweak of how we think it can make the hardest of times turn into sunshine and rainbows. Literally!

I send all of you lots of love and light on your journey. Just remember life is short so please make time to stop and smell the roses. Remember to love you and to treat others as you wished to be treated. By following some of the most simple things God/Universe and life has to offer your happiness will forever flow.











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