“Redo, Reboot, Recharge & Reset”

“Redo, Reboot, Recharge & Reset”

“Redo, Reboot, Recharge & Reset”

As we embark on a new chapter of life during this “March Madness” it allows me to reflect on what’s really vital to me and how I can go about Redoing, Rebooting, Recharging & Reseting certain areas of my life during this time.

Below are my “TOP 5 WELLNESS TIPS” that I feel may be beneficial during this intense time we ALL are dealing with as a nation. 

My heart goes out to all of those that have been affected by this “Corona Virus” and I know that as a nation we are all taking one day at a time as we continue to learn more about what is transpiring through out the world. It was important to me to help raise the vibration with some love and light. 

The one thing I keep hearing from family, friends and clients is what are we going to do without work or school or church or even social activities since a great deal of us are home at this time. I wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of the people that I call HEROS that are working in hospitals, food markets, post offices, DMVs, and restaurants that are doing only take out service and so much more. THANK YOU for taking care of us and for risking your lives to allow us to be safe at home.  

For a good chunk of us that are home and that can not work or attend school lets turn this negative into a positive and shine a light on the fact that we can now FINALLY do all of the things we didn’t have the TIME to do. I know that many of us are worried about work and finaces but living in fear is no way to live and I am hoping that I can help remind you that you do have a purpose and that God has a plan. To take one day at a time because God doesnt give us what we can’t handle.


Lets try and turn that frown upside down and actually surrender to the fact that even though this is a greater power that is outside of our hands that we as a nation can really use this time to really create sacred MAGIC and start to go within and actually do the things, even the healing, that we have so desperately wanted to do for quite some time now. Some of us have been praying for more time to ourselves, or praying for more time to read that book or watch that movie or the fact that we just need and want MORE TIME! 

Well, now that TIME is here so what will YOU do with that TIME, that we all at times can take for granted? 


(Every morning I wake up and I thank GOD for allowing me to wake up and live another day.  I connect myself to Gaia aka Mother Nature and the Universe and set my intentions for my day. I read over many mantras & affirmations even some I wrote and created personally for myself and set my feet on the ground as soon as I get out of bed to GROUND and CONNECT myself to Gai’s Crystal Line Grid. Its just my personal choice to do these things every day if I don’t I don’t feel complete. During these times prays and meditation and self reflection is the key not only will you help heal your past wounds and current ones but it will also help heal with the ascension Gaia is going through especially during this time.Through out my day I make sure to set time to meditate and journal so I can help release all that doesn’t serve me. Connecting with ones HIGHER SELF is the key to deep awareness and true happiness. You know that saying the “ANSWERS ARE WITHIN”?  Well, that is 100% right in my book. We are the captain of our own ships lets start self healing so that we can help heal the world. The first step is LOVING yourself then the door of abundance will pour open as long as you surrender to NO outcome and just TRUST and LET GOD)


(Moving ones body is beyond imperative in order to sustain a healthy life.  Since almost 80 million Americans are home right now due to the shut down of this virus its so important to exercise  especially during these tough times. Even if you just go on a walk 3 x’s a week for 30 minutes its better then NOT moving your body. Most of us are able to walk or even go on a nature hike. Even a quick power walk can make you feel recharged. I fell in love with a practice that is 26 positions done in a room that’s heated. Its called HOT YOGA. I started almost 3 years ago and never looked back. When I don’t take yoga I usually do nature hikes. I love connecting with nature and getting fresh air and being one with the universe. Plus getting good ole vitamin D is so vital for our health especially with those of us are home bound  and fyi be sure to wear sunblock. Whether your thing is going to the gym or taking a dance class, swimming, bowling, golfing, or cardio class the list could go on and on just remember to MOVE your body especially during times like this. There are so many great resources especially on YOUTUBE.COM where you can find a Zumba class or a Yoga class or maybe even a cardio/weight class. Not only will you feel good but it will also help you mentally and give you those good endorphins that can make us feel euphoric and stress free.


(Piranhayama is the regulation of breath which is a form of breathing I do within my Hot Yoga practice but there are many types of breathing techniques and mindful exercise’s that you can do to help alleviate your stress and anxiety especially during times like this. Deep breathing is one of the ways that helps me control my breath and mood level. Meditation has been a saving grace for me, along with listening to classical music or music that is a high frequency and that is a certain hertz. It helps to awaken the crown chakra and help open your third eye. YOUTUBE.COM has been an amazing place for me to find meditations and music such as I am describing. I love the channel HIGHER SELF on YOUTUBE.COM. There you can find amazing ascension tools to help you during this phase in our lives. Now is the time to go within and the first thing to remember is to remember to BREATH and all will be well because WE ARE ALL ONE!)


(You know that saying that your plate should look like a rainbow when you eat your meal? Well I try to remind myself that every time I eat that way I know I am making the best choice for my body. Since most of us are home bound right now its easy for us to stray away from our every day way of eating where we may think twice about what and when we eat. I love carbs and I love sweets but right now its vital that we boost our immune system with healthy and positive ways to eat while at home. Eating at least one piece of fruit and incorporating a vegetable with your dinner is the first step to helping your body living its best life. Maybe replace that bag of chips for some almonds small changes give magical gifts. And did I mention WATER and to drink lots of it. I love adding a lemon, lime or orange to my water it gives it flavor and the citrus helps with digestion and your metabolism. Last, remember to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY you know when its time to eat and you know when your full and most of all you know what you need and what you don’t need. That inner knowing and your intuition is your best friend on this journey we call life. Love your body because it is your temple and what you put into it will be the fuel that helps drive you through life so remember to love yourself, be kind to your body and know that you are a special seed and with love and self care you will grow into whatever your heart desires.)


(As I begin to realize that this chapter in our lives can easily create worry and fear into ones energy field. I remind myself  to raise my vibration not only for myself but for the world. Yes what we are experiencing is real. Yes we all have to be more aware and present and making sure we all make the right choices but having this sacred time at home whether alone or with company is a life changing moment for us all. So how will you help contribute to help raise the vibration that our earth is in need of? This is not only for your own original blue print but for the master reset of Gaia. I say master reset because for those of us that seek answers and don’t quite know what to do at this time. I say challenge yourself to go within, and reset the things you know need resetting, face those fears, work on your soul work and start to heal. Read, journal, mediate, pray, connect to your higher self, feed the soul with LOVE. Clean your home and purge the old so you can make room for the new. By doing this self care not only within your actual being but also loving ones temple ones home will allow the flow of abundance in all areas of ones life. Shedding all that does not serve you and letting go and giving it to GOD. During this past two weeks I have never cleaned so much. I am finally able to do the things that I was so yearning to do. Time for some reason doesn’t feel like time right now. I almost feel like I am floating. I wish I could explain why all of this is happening. We don’t know why certain people are the lucky ones and why some aren’t. Which is another reminder that life is short and that we must stop and appreciate everything even down to the smallest thing. Today I saw a beautiful red and black humming bird outside my kitchen window and it allowed me to stop and smile and be grateful for being alive. Reach out to loved ones tell people in your life that you love them and open your heart center because ones HEART is the KEY to LOVE.

Please remember to have FAITH because all will be well and that this to shall pass.

We all will get through this time. God Bless!)

Love & Light,


Yours Truly,


Thank you for taking the time to align with my energy and frequency. I am in gratitude!

Here is an audio link to this blog https://youtu.be/nYSRZshv-sY


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  1. Starla says:

    You are so inspirational! I am going to save this and use it to reference back to when I start to stray from this motivation you just gave the world. The most amazing thing about it to me is that it’s real! You actually strive daily to live by this and I have seen you shine through crisis, Grief, exhaustion, and even when you’re not feeling so great. You make people better people…Alisa. You keep people up even when you are down inside. You make people believe in themselves.. Because you believe in them. God bless you my soul sister for this uplifting post! 🙏🏽

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