Time Is Now

Time is Now.

Forget the Past. Be Present. The Future is Yours.

We are living in a world with a lot of craziness spiraling out of control and its up to us to get centered and to find the peace and beauty in it all.

Time is of the essence they say. Yet it seems to drift away so quickly. Into a faded bliss. That we in the present call the past. A place we tend to get stuck in. Dwelling and lamenting on what could have been. Not letting go and surrendering so we can be grateful for what we already have. Yet we are re-living habits that might not always be the best for us. Being here on earth is not an easy task. Though it is our divine mission and purpose to live a fruitful and joyous life while we co-habitat and exist as one. On my days here on earth I have learned that setting positive intentions and creating a sacred space to become centered is beyond imperative. Praying, meditating, journaling, exercising, eating healthy, vision boarding, reading, writing, traveling, hiking, teaching, are just some of the ways I grow and become ONE and become more centered with my Divine Purpose and the Universe. This is just a small list of some of the things that I am passionate about and that make me happy and that I felt compelled to share with you all. My way of giving back is sending that Love and Light that I receive from the universe back out to you all. It allows me to be able to share it in return to every one of you. I am a strong believer of what you put out comes back. Though one must not do things to except something in return. Being humble needs to be from a place of innocence. Manifestation is key. Visualizing is key. Though when done and if done daily the Magic will set you FREE! The power of your third eye is so magical and having a positive state of mind is the key. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Positive thoughts are a must. Below are some must have tools to add to your daily routine that I do for myself. I am sharing some of my most intimate secrets on what I do for myself on a personal level because the time is now. The shift is happening and its time for us that are finally awakening to become tuned in to our path. This may not be for everyone but it’s my mission to spread love and light and share the beauty that I have learned & continue to learn from God and my spiritual teachers here on earth. Namaste & Amen.


The minute I open my eyes I thank God & the Lord for allowing me to wake up & live another glorious day. I set my intentions on a positive note. I say my private spiritual prayers that I share with God & then I say positive affirmations to myself. Such as” I Attract the Highest & Greatest Good into my Life”. I sometimes do a morning meditation as well. Depending on the day I may even sage my home or light some incense to bless my home along with blessing my aura & energy field & chakras. I also always light a white candle for protection when I sage just an fyi. So things will be in alignment. I usually read a verse out of my bible as well and then place my two feet solid on the ground and acknowledge my ancestors and my spirit guides and say Lord please help me get through the day on a positive note. Standing your ground and setting your tone for the day is vital. You are in control of your life so why not make sure your in alignment with the day and how it flows. There is nothing worse then rushing and creating a domino effect that isn’t a positive one. Listed below is a great book I read called The Secret that will give more insight on this topic that I am sure you will love. I did and it’s a book that I always revisit from time to time to remind myself that thoughts are the key and that staying positive is a must.


In a perfect world we would be praying & meditating all day but we always come up with the excuse of being to busy. To busy for God and to pray, thats crazy. That’a whiles not good. At least in my world it isn’t. So I created a routine for myself with goals and strides for me to remind myself to have moments of solace. When I wake up I pray, when I eat I pray, before I sleep I pray. Do you ever notice that prayer sometimes consists of us praying usually for what we want and feel we need? Try and pray for someone or something else once in a while. Life can’t always be about us. We need to give love and light out to the world as well. Though we must love ourselves before we can love others it’s a cycle that we must learn to master for that is the eb and flow of life. Connecting with the Divine Source GOD is vital on a daily basis. Showing gratitude and thanks for what we do have is important for the soul and the connection to Gaia. We are nothing without the Divine and we are everything with him/her. Meditation and connecting to the grid of life is a magical thing when done at all. Taking 5 minutes just to catch your breath just to simply breath in and out is a magical tool. Breath is everything. The root of all peace. Some of the apps and online services listed below will help with your daily prayer and mediation.


My mother God rest her soul was a dietician among many other things. Food and nutrition was something I always loved and respected. I was always dancing or moving my body and my family always made sure I had my daily dose of veggies and fruits. Though as we get older we tend to create what we feel is best for us diet ad exercise wise. Below is an app called Lose It that I swear by and that I use every day. Along with a new app called Strides that tracks goals of mine and helps remind me to log in whether I did that goal or not. Daily reminders are helpful. We must be our own motivators. I am not trying to push you to lose weight and to diet and exercise like crazy. I am just sharing my go to tools that help me to feel great and on track and in tune with my body. When I work out at least 3 x’s a week I feel amazing when I don’t I feel like poop. That’s the truth. Exercising gives you those good endorphins that we are want and need. I love hiking I usually go to the gym a few times a week the other days I go on nature hikes. I think being out doors is a must. Its good for the body, mind, sprint and soul. Plus if you have dog then you can bring your furry friend along. Last, Diet. Just be aware of what you eat. Water is a must a solid 8 cups a day would rock if you can create that to be a goal of yours. Adding more fruits and veggies to your diet and cutting out some carbs and junk food makes all the difference. Just respect and love your body thats it. Your body is a temple and the minute you love you all else will fall into place.


A crafty project I love to do is to create my own vision board. I do one at home with a big sheet of card board and write positive affirmations on it along with adding picture of my personal desires that I want to go to own and have and do. Then every so often I sit down and stare at it and meditate on it and visual my dreams and goals becoming reality. I love this new app called My Vision Board. You can now create your own vision board in a free app. So it doesn’t matter where you are you can always look at your vision board and remind yourself that you have a purpose and that you are worth it. You just have to have faith and hope and believe. Manifestation is a must I believe that what you put out comes back to you. Positive words and thoughts go hand in hand. Treating others as you wish to be treated is a big part in manifestation as well. We are all a reflection of one another so emulating Gods light is the path to peace and love.


Last but not least. Winding down. Take a time out and a moment of solace for yourself. I force myself to have off twice a week from any hard work. Granted work and meetings always pop up but its nice to have one or two days out of the week to where you don’t have many responsibilities to where you can take a load off without feeling guilty. Even though guilt is a made up word and doesn’t really exist. We tend to create this illusion of Fear & Guilt which is all EGO. When you really look at the big picture. I am the energizer bunny I keep going and going till I drop. I have to remind myself its time to put down the phone its time to read a book take a bath or write in my journal. Not do my everyday routine. I get tied of being on my cell and watching the same ole stuff on the tube Sometimes I like to get in my car and just take a drive to no where. Try and live your life more in the present. Be spontaneous. Thats what life is all about. Remember to never feel guilty or bad when you love you. Like I said earlier loving yourself is a must. It will help you love others. Enjoy time with yourself we are our own besties right?

These are just a few tools that I use in my every day life. Below is also a list of some of my favorite books, apps, youtube teachers, websites to help guide you through your journey.

Book: The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne

App: Insight Timer ( Free Meditations – My New FAV!!!!)

App: Lose It (I use this EVERY DAY!!!!)

App: My Vision Board (I LOVE THIS!!!!)

App: Strides (MUST HAVE!!!!)

Website: HayHouse.Com (Free Meditations)

Check out Doreen Virtue (www.doreenvirtue.com)

(She offers weekly angel card readings on Youtube and her website, she draws a card every day on Instagram about the days energy, she offers free mediations along with the fact that she teaches courses online and in person. She also has an animal sanctuary in Hawaii where she lives and she is currently taking care of 150 animals. These are just some of the amazing things this earth angel does. She is a ray of light please check her out she is a must follow!)

Sending you all lots of Love & Light, Forever and Always.

Yours Truly,



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