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When you think of your life purpose you tend to question yourself am I on the right path? Am I following my life’s journey the right way? Am I really happy? Do I love myself? I am content with the life that I created? Do I agree with the choices that I made for myself and my family? The questions can go on and on and on….

These questions and self doubts are all understandable. Though at the same time these questions and fears are all ego based and are fear based emotions which are an illusion that is not of love & light.

God the universe wants us to be happy. That is why we as humans have the world on a string while sitting on a rainbow and its up to us on how we will take charge of that string. Life is supposed to be filled with rainbows and butterfly’s not pain and sadness and stress. That is why I had to write a blog on creating a Bucket List Vision Board for this coming New Year.

Have you ever wrote a list on the places you want to visit, on all the things you want to do before you leave this beautiful world? I have and so will you if you just take the time to create ME time and really dive into your souls desires.

First off create a space for creativity. Visit your local craft store like Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s or even the Dollar Store. By having the creative tools such as a poster board, markers, stickers, glue, etc this will get you into the mood to let go and relax and get into the zone on getting into a creative space to create this Bucket List Vision Board. I am a visual person so by having a board with pictures and wording and art on your actual Bucket List Vision Board this will allow you to manifest your dreams into a reality.

There is no right way on how to make this Bucket List Vision Board its your life this is your work this is your vision. So the sky is the limit on how this will look for you as you create this beautiful Bucket List Vision Board on your lives desires and goals.

Create Categories for your Bucket List Vision Board such as….

Travel – places you would want to travel to, learn about your culture and past family history

Career – dreams, goals, aspirations

Love – learning how to love yourself and to learn how to self retreat for your soul

Personal Goals – eating healthy & being more active, setting goals for yourself on a daily basis, prayer & meditation

Inspiring Words/Quotes – uplifting sayings and phrases to get you through the day

Then once you completed your list start filling in the blanks everywhere and anywhere you want on this board. A Bucket List doesn’t have to be a list of where you would want to go or on things you want to do. It can be so much more but you won’t know anytime you put pen onto paper and make it into a reality.

The time is now. Life is to short to not be selfish and give yourself the love and light you deserve. Like I said there is no right or wrong way. Just the YOU way. As long as you give yourself some time throughout the day to stop take a breath and regroup and center yourself that’s all that matters. If you are too busy for yourself and for you to get centered with your higher self which for me is GOD then you are way to busy.

Remember to take time for you to really tune into what your soul craves. By doing these simple things you will begin to realize that your Bucket List will no longer be a Bucket List but will be an ongoing every day list that will eventually become a reality.

Love & Light,

Alisa Reyes



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