Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Where does the time go?  This 2016 really flew. Life is short so its vital we live it up. So as we embark on the Holidays I had to share my Holiday Must Have Gift List whether it’s a gift for someone or for yourself. This is a must have list you won’t wanna miss.

When I shop for the Holidays I love shopping online on websites such as Amazon, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Etsy, Shutterfly, EBAY and more. Though the below companies in the Beauty and Fashion area that I listed are companies that are close to my heart and that I know you will love too just like me.

Below is a Must Have List of mine that I had to share. Along with some specific items that I adore!


Brite White MINI: 

The Brite White MINI is a must have item when it comes to the up keep of your teeth. I am the official spokesman for this company and I swear by this must have product. The Brite White MINI is a teeth whitening system that literally takes 20 minutes to make your teeth shine like diamonds. It’s a LED light that is attached to a comfortable head band that you can wear around your head or your neck. Whether you are at home or on the go this teeth whitening system is something that is easy to do and to take on the go. This is a must have item for you or anyone in your family. For more detailed info visit

MAC Cosmetics:

I swear by Mac Cosmetics I have been using their makeup for a good chunk of my life. This company has shown me so much love through out my career and has given my the opportunity to try their latest products while I am on set or simply walking the red carpet at an event. They have a large selection of lip sticks that are to die for. Their new collection which is called The Nutcracker Collection has amazing tones and richness for the holiday season. I also fell in love with The Selena Collection that was dedicated to Selena the Singer whom passed away many years ago even though to this day her legacy lives on. Shop online at or at a store nearest you. 

Native Reign:

When you think of a must have beauty item lotion & soaps are a must for daily up keep. I feel in love with a company called Native Reign that can make custom-made items for you. They also have a large collection of amazing lotions and soaps that are all organic and made and blessed with love. For more info be sure to visit Native Reign at


Jennifer Potter Jewelry: 

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Potter Jewelry not only is Jennifer a dear friend of mine but she is such a talent and a beautiful soul that I can rock her collection anywhere and anytime. Jennifer Potter Jewelry is based out of Key West, FL but she is also a Jet Setter that also has many pop up stores all across the 50 states. Jennifer Potter Jewelry is also an international company. Her timeless collection ranges from earrings to rings to necklaces and must have statement pieces. For more info and details about her latest pop up store visit

My Saint Hero:

This is a beautiful company that really speaks from the heart and truly touches the soul. My Saint Hero is a must have for the spiritual at heart or for those that need a reminder and a mojo boost that we are all one. This company has uplifting statement pieces that makes the pieces that they design even more special because you know its made from God’s love. My Saint Hero was also recently sold on QVC & still is if I am not mistaken. For more info please visit

Bella Lang:

I just adore Bella Lang jewelry. I recently did a photo shoot for this company and I fell in love with their light weight and easy to wear earrings. This company is based out of New York, NY and is a must have for the everyday person that needs a lightweight accessory. Their collection is fun and upbeat and can be worn at any time of the day. The colors and textures in Bella Lang’s pieces go with anything you would have in your closet. Be sure to check this company out. For more info visit

Gifts for Anyone:

Hasbro Joy for all Companion Pet – this is designed for all ages. It’s a playful pet that literally plays with you and is able to respond in a way that a real pet would. This is a great gift for a family that is thinking of getting a first time pet for their child. It goes for around $120 dollars. This is a must have to be under your Christmas tree this year!

Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser – this is a perfect must have for anyone that needs to chill and relax. It really is the little things in life that make all the difference. Whether you want a time out moment for yourself to have a cup of tea or a good ol cup of joe while reading you favorite book. Or even if you are doing yoga at home or mediating this bowl-shaped oil diffuser emits scented vapor into the air in 20 minute intervals and has an automatic shut off button that will last up to eight hours. Smelling sweet nothings in the air while you take YOU time sounds & smells pretty amazing to me. This goes for around $60

Beats Wireless Earbuds – this is for the fitness lover. This product delivers a great sound and has a 12 hour battery life on one single charge. Lightweight and so comfy. Powerbeats3 are a must have for the work out warriors of the world. You can also choose from several different colors. These go for around $200.

Last but not least….

The Podo Stick and Shoot – this is so cool. This is like the baby of the Go Pro and selfie stick. On the back of the Podo it features a reusable micro – adhesive sticky pad so you can attach it to any flat surface, using your phone to take videos or pictures via bluetooth. It’s great for the adventure seeker and for capturing group shots or time-lapse videos. Also great when you are solo. This goes for around $99.

Sending you all lots of love and light this Holiday Season. From my heart to yours. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday! Sending you many blessings this 2017!

Yours Truly,





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