Embracing the New YOU

As we shift into the end of the year we start to reflect on the old ways of what was and start to embrace the new version of what will be. I feel that when a New Year starts we go through 3 stages. The first stage is setting our “Goals and Intentions”. Creating a new to do list along with deadlines for ourselves. We decide to start doing the things we never got to experience the previous year or ever and then we set a game plan to turn those dreams into a reality. The second stage is the “Manifestation” stage. This is one of my favorite stages. This is where the magic happens!”You Gotta Focus to Get The Pocus”! That is my new favorite quote btw! This is where the shift takes places and the alignment of ones true authentic self has to come into play. Honing in on your dreams and desires and staying grounding while do so will allow the Manifestation process to align with a proper eb and flow. Then the last stage is “Reflection & Embracing the New YOU”. This is the stage where you shift your consciousness into your highest self. Where you become self-aware and where you start to bloom and bloom into the butterfly that you always new you were.

This 2018 has been a blessed year for myself filled with a lot of  love,  joy and abundance. God always provides and as long as we stay on path all will prevail. These past few months have been intense since Gaia is now in her 5, 6 and 7 D. The Ascension process has been real and every day I am experiencing new shifts. Its like a wave that you either choose to ride or fight back. I choose to ride it and go with the flow. Reminding myself to stay connected to GOD & Mother Earth. To stay on course for my divine plan for myself which is my original blue print. We live in a 3 D world while trying to stay connected to our higherselves so we be our 5, 6 and 7th D selves.

In order to Embrace a New YOU one must reflect and be in gratitude. Once you are thankful for all that you already have the door will open for more to be received and given. When one sets ones intentions with the Universe be sure to be clear and exact. Whether you choose to journal or to speak your feelings out loud. I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction. What one puts out will return back to them. So I cant say this enough be aware of what you say and do. Everything bounces back like a ball. We are all reflections of one another remember that. In order to truly awaken ones authentic self one must remember what they liked to do when they were a child. Connecting to your inner child will help you connect with your soul and help remind you of your true propose here on Earth. The term Soul Searching to me means digging deep and asking your self things that you havent asked yourself in a long time. Allowing yourself to also just feel and not masking it with a vice. Learning how to let go and let GOD. Lastly, being a little selfish and choosing to LOVE YOU first! We all must INVOKE that Divine Violet Flame of Healing within US NOW! The TIME IS NOW! ACTIVATE your hearts desires and most of all PROTECT yourself and your energy field. Being an empath its beyond vital to clear yourself and mediate and create sacred space and time for yourself. As a lightworker its my mission to help spread love and the word of GOD and Gaia. I love you all deeply. That is why I wrote these blogs so I can help touch even just one person. For you all to remember that you have the light with in you as well and all you have to do is light your flame and watch it glow.


I wanted to share something I came across recently online that really resonated with me and that I had to share!


“12 Things to Always Remember”

1.The past can not be changed

2. Opinions dont define your reality

3. Everyone’s journey is different

4. Things always get better with time

5. Judgements are a confession of character

6. Over thinking will lead to sadness

7. Happiness if found within

8. Positive thoughts create positive things

9. Smiles are contagious – PS: I smiled while writing this 🙂

10. Kindness if FREE

11. You only fail if you quit

12. What goes around, comes around


I wanted to end this blog with an affirmation I started to say to myself along with a quote that I just love!


Affirmation: I’m not going to rush anything, I’m not going to stress out or worry about how things will work out for ne. Instead of over thinking, I will align my faith with divine timing and trust that everything that belongs in my life is making its way towards me right now.

I say the above affirmation every morning while connecting to God and Gaia. Try and ad even one affirmation or mantra into your daily practice and see the magic begin.


Last but not least one of my favorite quotes from “Alice in Wonderland”



Remember that the magic is already within you and it just takes a friendly reminder to never let anyone or anything dull your sparkle.


Yours Truly,





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  1. Deborah Thornhill says:

    I really enjoyed your blog. Thank you.

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