Soul Tribe

Soul Tribe

When you think of the word FAMILY what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me its my mom-mom’s home cooked italian meals mixed with vacations to the beach and long summer nights while sipping iced tea on my mom-mom’s porch in my bare feet while catching firefly’s. Growing up an only child and raised mostly by a single parent which was my mom. I started to realize as I got older that family isn’t only just blood relation that family can also be friends, animals, spirit guides, of course my Lord & Savior Jesus and most of all GOD!

Even though I always had a deep-rooted connection to my blood line I knew that the amazing people I have connected with along my journey of life thus far have left such an imprint on my soul that I said to myself this is what a Soul Tribe must mean. Meaning in life we meet people & clearly they are not blood relation but yet they feel like you have known them forever. It’s a frequency only you know of & it’s an energy that only you & that person connect with. It’s a feeling as if you have known this person male or female all of your life maybe even from another life. Its a familiar energy. My mother passed away ten years ago.

Since then I stayed in touch with people who she was close to and since then I have made all kinds of new soul tribe relationships with people of all ages. These people are like-minded people and people that I feel a deep alignment with. I happen to have a good chunk of friends that are over 65 years old. Maybe that makes me an old soul. But we attract what we attract. Right? We don’t know why we connect with certain people but whether it’s a story or a smell or a smile that makes us remember and because of that when we remember we realize that we are all one.

We must remember that the past is dead meaning think of the good things learn from them but don’t live in the past. We are all light workers here on earth. As a lightworker its vital for me to remind you all that we must declare our original blue print. We must revisit our sacred geometry. We must detach from our ancestral past karmas and release fear & density. Make peace with the family you have even if they are not here on earth. We must create our own happiness and if that means creating a family from scratch so be it. Its ok.

My family when it comes to blood seems to be getting smaller due to age and where things are within our timeline but that’s apart of life. I will say we are getting stronger and my Soul Tribe so as my angel connections here on earth are a blessing and a gift from God. They help make the day go by a little easier and remind us that we will always have support as long as we are open. As for guidance and receive.

Life is short so be aware of the energies you hold dear to you and release what doesn’t serve you. A Soul Tribe means many things to me but FAMILY is a big part of that and my best friend through it all is my husband and I dedicate this blog to him. He is my best friend and my rock. I love you Nathan. I have an amazing Soul Tribe because of my husband & in life we are all pieces to a puzzle. So the way you peace things together is the way things will align. We are the master of our ship. Create your Soul Tribe and be happy be one and be love.

Yours Truly,



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