ENDURE Cloth’s Newest Brand Ambassador – Alisa Reyes

EndureLash Announces New ENDURE Cloth For Makeup Lovers

All-natural line of delicate cleansing cloths expands for those who appreciate their natural lashes and eyebrows.

October 10, 2017 NEW YORK, NY – EndureLash announces new hypoallergenic eyelash cleansing cloth, ENDURE with a chic and modern look available for purchase on October 10, 2017. ENDURE is a reusable cleansing cloth that wipes layers of makeup off instantly. This miracle cloth only requires warm water to work and keeps delicate eyebrows and eyelashes in tact. The focus of EndureLash shifts to encompass not only lash lovers, but all those who wear makeup, those who want to remove daily debris from eyelashes and eyebrows. The hypoallergenic cloth is gentle on sensitive skin around the eyes and is made from Bamboo Ponte which is proven to have antimicrobial properties.

Alisa Reyes – American actress who began modeling at age 8 and has made guest appearances on shows such as Six Feet Under, Strong Medicine, The American Family and Boston Public – is the ENDURE cloth’s newest Brand Ambassador. Reyes fully believes in the message behind EndureLash and wants her followers to enjoy the new cleansing cloth as she has.

“The ENDURE organic cleansing cloth is my must-have beauty item that I can’t live without. As an actress I am always on the go! Whether it’s being on set, running to a meeting or attending a red carpet event. I have very sensitive skin so having my ENDURE cloth as part of my every day beauty regimen has been a saving grace. It’s soft and easy to use, I won’t leave the house without it! I take it to the gym and when I travel. It’s my new bff! ” States Alisa Reyes, Brand Ambassador of ENDURE.

EndureLash Founder, Nikki Huebner, uses the word endure to honor her late daughter whom she lost during a tragic accident. Chyler, Nikki’s daughter, was a girly girl who loved playing with her mommy’s makeup. EndureLash continues to endure for Chyler by donating a portion of year end proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities Family Room Projects as well as Kids And Cars. The date behind the launch, October 10th,  holds a heartwarming significance as Chyler was born on the 10th.

“When people started ordering the EndureLash Eye Makeup Removal Cloth, even though they didn’t wear lash extensions, I realized I needed to create a cloth specific for the millions of men and women out there that want this organic and modern solution to eye makeup removal! The new ENDURE cloth can be used with warm water alone, or compliments cleansers and oils. It’s perfect for sensitive eyes, contacts lens wearers, and people who just want to lessen waste and cost! Removing makeup the safe, gentle, and modern way is now available for all.” States Nikki Huebner, Founder of EndureLash™.

EndureLash is changing the way celebrity makeup artists and the working class woman removes their mascara, eyeshadow, and more. Made with organic bamboo and meant to last year-long, there are no competitors on the market with ENDURE. The cleansing cloth can be washed along with regular laundry in it’s personal mesh bag or hand washed. ENDURE ensures getting rid of harsh chemicals, cotton rounds, disposable wipes, or makeup sponges that can harbor bacteria. The new eco-friendly ENDURE cloth provides a better, more hygienic way to remove eye makeup.

The ENDURE cloth will retail online for $25.10 and can also be purchased at a wholesale price. The price once again reflects the number 10, in dedication to Chyler Nicole Huebner. EndureLash provides a high-end makeup cleansing option at an affordable price. For more information on EndureLash or to purchase the new cloth, please visit their official website www.endurelash.com

About EndureLash:

Created in 2016 EndureLash™ is the only organic eyelash extension drying cloths, you can swim, shower, bathe, play sports, and have the confidence to dry your extensions with less snags, no lint, and better overall maintenance between monthly visits to the eyelash studio. EndureLash™ drying cloths are organic and hypoallergenic, so they are safe to use around the sensitive eye area. The EndureLash™ organic eyelash extension cleansing cloths, prevents the need for cotton rounds which can snag or shed into your extensions or have the need to use makeup sponges which harbor bacteria. The EndureLash™ organic cleansing cloths allow you to safely remove your eyeshadow and eyeliner without hesitation. They can be laundered in the mesh laundry bag provided and reused.




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