Falling into the New YOU

I just love when the weather gets cooler and you start to get that feeling of the Holidays lurking around the corner. As the end of the year starts to approach us,  you ask yourself where does the time go? During this time of year I thought a blog called “Falling Into The New You” made sense especially with everything that is transpiring in the world currently. Towards the end of the year we tend to want to hibernate and dive inward and seek the answers we know we already know. Having faith and hope and knowing that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel should bring peace to your heart and hope into your soul. Having that connection with your core soul and truly knowing that everything will be ok and that this to shall pass. In life when you’re experiencing your “breaking through life blocks” moment it will then help you realize that this experience and awareness will allow your life to move at a more natural pace and flow. This year Gaia has been going through some major purging which affects us and makes us as humans on this earth go through something similar as to what Gaia is going through. What we are all experiencing this 2017 is a major ascension and a major healing of our hearts. “The Heart Opening Process” allows you to go with in & feel in order to work through the pain and feelings you may have been ignoring. Not only from this past year but from maybe past lives. Thats why ‘Fallen Into A New You’ or “Creating A Better Version of You” is a must if you want true peace and alignment with your original blueprint and souls journey.
Ones Spiritual Development allows one to realize one may have gone through a crisis that may have triggered that journey of self-awareness. I know for me my awakening began when my mother passed. I called my mother’s death my rebirth. It’s beyond vital to love yourself and to connect with your soul and your inner child. I know that my inner child tends to call out to me at times especially towards the end of the year! Its reminds me that I must remember to Live, Laugh and Love! When you finally allow yourself to sit in quiet and connect with your 6th sense your inner senses are then on alert. Know that NOTHING is wrong with you. Chapters of life create different levels of feelings. We all go through different stages of life. Thats apart of the journey! It’s the learning and rebooting and reprogramming that we need to focus on NOW. Connecting to higher self is the answer and the key. Thats why finding like-minded people and creating sacred space will then allow you to attract the aligned reflections of yourself.
One must create internal trust – one that evolves and develops over time.
Experiencing deep-rooted issues can create the feeling of pain but that is the true experience one must FEEL & not ignore in order to move forward.
Relationships, Life Choices, Work, Family, Career, Change are all apart of life.  You can’t overcome things until you allow yourself to feel that’s when you connect to your spiritual process.
Once you allow yourself to listen to your feelings then you will feel free. Feeling certain emotions is a process that one experiences in order to be in touch with your souls journey.
I am big on Resolutions, Mantras, Affirmations, Vision Boards,  Journaling,  & Self-Help Guides and Books anything that will help along the ascension process. At the end of the day your answers are within yourself all you have to do is look within and believe that all that matters is the present moment.
Here is a Mantra I love:
I am abundantly cared for, loved, supported, safe and protected. 
All of my needs are met, and the riches of Heaven pour down 
upon me now and always. I am able to take care of myself and my loved ones,
and my favorite charities with joy and gratitude. 
By: Angels Of Abundance
I send you all so much love and light.
Yours Truly,

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