Gratitude is a way of life. Living in gratitude is a fundamental practice that the human soul should endure on a daily basis in order to create a sacred grounding within ourselves so we can stay connected to the divine source. I am a strong believer in the law of attraction. What you put out comes back to you ten fold. So positive thoughts and positive words are the key to a successful and peaceful life. Mantras and affirmations are my new go to remedies to boost my moral into high frequency gear. I love saying ” I now attract the highest and greatest good into my life” that sentence alone is so powerful. Believing in yourself is beautiful and being grateful for what we have rather than worrying about what we don’t have. The more you worry and lament the less you will retain what you desire. The universe can’t tell the difference between what you want and what you think. Your thoughts seem like your wants to the universe. At least that’s one way I perceive things. I realized that the more I stay within gratitude the more peace and joy will surround me and all that I do. Every morning I read a gratitude prayer so I wanted to share one with you. Setting  the tone to your day by being in gratitude when you rest your head at night and when you wake up in the morning will help make life sail a lot smoother and a lot more in blissful state.

We are living in intense times and its vital to nurture and love yourself so that you can be the reflection you want to see in others. Be grateful for the present and don’t worry about tomorrow. Pass the love and light around and be that beacon ray of sunshine to light up someones day. I love you all so much. I send you all so much love and light.

Yours Truly,






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