Top 5 Summer Must Have’s

Well HELLO August! Where does the time go by? In between work and play I had to take a moment to share my Top 5 Summer Must Have’s!!!! Through out the summer of 2017 I have been at my busiest so when I come along a product that I love and swear by well as they say sharing is caring right?



I recently made an appearance at a convention #HollywoodShow where they had the most awesome gifting suite. I fell in love with these awesome slippers by a company called Zsa Zsa Slippers. This is a slipper that you can wear in your house or while driving or running an errand. They are comfy and makes a pair of jeans look a bit more dressed up. This is that go to throw on pair of shoes you can depend on especially if you are in a rush to do a quick lap around your block. They come in a few different styles and they go for around $99

(Quoted below from the Zsa Zsa Slippers website:)
“Jeanne Johnson-Bennett, owner and designer of Zsa Zsa Slippers, has always had a keen interest in fashion. Jeanne was particularly attracted to intimate apparel and sleepwear. She had the feeling that there was a niche market for lingerie created for women who wanted an alternative to just sexy. With her relaxed Midwest upbringing, she dreamed of an intimate product line that harmonized sexy with comfort. A line of pajamas, robes and soft loungewear that made all women feel pretty regardless of body shape or size. A line that would remind a woman throughout her busy day that there was something beautiful and comfortable waiting to welcome her home. Jeanne decided that women deserved a home slipper that was sexy but comfortable and functional, that versatility in women’s feet was very similar to body shape and size. Inspired by hardworking women, Jeanne began to fulfill her dream in creating Zsa Zsa Slippers. Jeanne expanded on that dream by adding a collection of intimate apparel, pajamas and cozy loungewear that complemented her slippers with the same feeling of sex appeal and comfort. Jeanne believes a woman should feel as good as she looks. Now, Zsa Zsa Slippers is excited to announce the expansion of her line of Plus-Size lingerie and Plus-Size sleepwear – coming soon. “
 For more info visit




Next must have is from my new FAV Cosmetics Line called IT Cosmetics!!!! I have so many of their products and I swear by them up and down. Its called the CC+ Illumination™ it goes for around $38. I usually buy right off of their website or through QVC.COM. If you can buy a product in a larger bottle size I say go for it. This product is like a foundation and powder in one. Plus it has a SPF in it as well. Its a win win. The coverage is balanced and light. The color range they have is awesome. I use Medium Tan. This is my new FAV beauty item. Now you know a secret of mine.

(Quoted from the official IT COSMETICS website:)

“Experience your best-selling, multitasking, CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ beauty miracle—now infused with proprietary Drops of Light Technology™ for a subtle touch of radiance! Developed with plastic surgeons, CC+ Illumination™ delivers full, flawless, perfect coverage and protects your skin with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen. Clinically shown to give you 179% of skin hydration, improve skin texture and enhance skin brightness without glitter or shimmer, this breakthrough color-correcting cream never creases or cracks and instantly camouflages imperfections including dark spots. Plus, it’s formulated with an advanced anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A, B, C and E that work in harmony to diffuse the look of wrinkles, minimize pores and give you a more luminous, supple and flawless-looking complexion.”                

For more info visit


Oracle Cards are an ancient, time-honored way to connect with angels. Anything related to God & Jesus, Angels, Astrology, Crystals, and Spiritual Awakening I am all about. Which is exactly why I love this app by Doreen Virtue called Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue is someone I found on my own via social media. She also works with an amazing company called

On you can retain FREE meditations and learn about workshops and so much more. I am a big fan of Hay House they give a once a year World Summit and a once a year Angel Summit all for FREE. Doreen Virtue is a Light Worker , mother, an author, an animal lover and so much more. That is why I had to share with you all her amazing app called Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards. (prices vary)

When you get the app all you have to do is the following when selecting a card:

  • Have the intention that you will receive the accurate messages you need
  • Ask a question
  • Think of your question as you scroll through the cards
  • Select either 1, 3, or 5 cards

I hope you enjoy this app if you get it as much as I do. There is nothing like knowing that your higher self along with God your Divine Source and your Spirit Guides can communicate with you in this way. If you are open and grounded while doing a reading you will then retain the information needed for you at that time. All coming from a place of love and light!

For more info on Doreen Virtue visit

Search “Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue” on your smart phone device. Prices vary. 

I also love the app called Vision Board (prices vary)
It allows you to Manifest what you want to create and birth through out the year by going inward. Renew this 2017 with a mindfulness during which you can create your own on the go vision board with positive affirmations and pictures of goals and aspirations through the year. A stay at home Vision Board can be all sizes and a lot of people now are creating Vision Boards on their desktops and laptops but with this app its a quick fix that makes your day shine just a little brighter. Especially if you need a quick recharge to just up lift your spirits. This is the app for you & the whole family.  
Search Vision Board on your smart phone device! Prices vary!
Last but not least I came across this awesome electronic called the Insta 360 Nano 360- Degree Camera. It sells for around $199
(Quoted from Insta 360 Nano 360- Degree Camera)

“The Insta360 Nano camera will attach to an iPhone and help it capture 360-degree videos with 3,040 by 1,520 pixels at 30fps via a duo of 210-degree fisheye lenses, then allow you to easily share them online. Of course, there’s also the option to capture photos. Using the gadget requires a free app, while a bundled VR headset allows you to fully enjoy the content you created.”

For more info search Insta 360 Nano 360- Degree Camera for more info!


I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Summer Must Have’s, I send you all so much love and light this summer!


Yours Truly,



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