Jennifer Potter Jewelry

Jennifer Potter Jewelry

October Of 2015

I flew to Key West, FL to shoot a web commercial for a company I am a spokesman for called BriteWhite MINI. I have a soft spot in my heart for Key West, FL because in 2003 I started my own racing team based out of Key West with a company called Super Boat International. I use to race a Fountain Mercury cigarette boat. I was sponsored by Dollhouse Footwear. I loved every minute of racing! Key West is one of my most favorite places ever! One of my last trips I had in Key West was during a Christmas holiday that I shared with my mother Brenda who passed away in 2008, may her soul rest in peace. We spent the Christmas holiday with the president and owners of Super Boat International. I had been wanting to revisit Key West more then anything in this world since that last trip.

While I was in Key West this past October I was introduced to a wonderful woman by the name of Jennifer Potter. The CEO of BriteWhite MINI introduced us so she could style me jewelry wise for the video shoot I did. When I met Jennifer we clicked right away and she has now become a fellow sister aka dear friend of mine.

That is why I am so excited to share her amazing collection called Jennifer Potter Jewelry. In this blog you will see photos of me wearing pieces from The Jennifer Potter Jewelry collection from the BriteWhite MINI shoot along with a few other press photos from later events I attended where she styled me since we met.

What I love and adore about The Jennifer Potter Jewelry collection is that not only can Jennifer custom make pieces for the every day woman or man but she has some pieces that the everyday person can rock whether it’s for work, a night out on the town, celebs hitting the red carpet or maybe just wanting to buy your special someone a beautiful gift. There is something for EVERYONE in her must have collection.

November Of 2015

I did a “All That” cast Reunion for Stan Lee’s annual Convention called Comikaze. This was my second time doing this event with my “All That” cast. Jennifer was kind enough to ship me some custom made pieces such as the “Jetsetter” necklace which is a must have piece. Jennifer can truly make anything you want. If you have a vision she will put it to life. Jennifer is a being of love and light and it truly shows through her work. You can tell that she has such a deep passion for what she does because it shows in every single piece that she creates. She hand creates every piece that she has ever made. She does it all herself 100%

She is one of the hardest working business woman I know. She also has a blog on her website where she updates you on her latest pieces. Please be sure to check out all of her online social media sites and follow her and help spread the word about this amazing self made business woman who has now created an amazing collection that the world needs to see!


Jennifer Potter’s Bio:

Born on the sun soaked island of Key West Florida, Jennifer Potter spent her early 20’s designing her own clothing line. Jennifer Potter spent many years working in the fashion industry as a celebrity wardrobe stylist for FORD models as well as an elite line up of hip-hop royalty. She has worked with award winning producers Hype Williams and Gil green.

Today, she brings her love of fashion and music together for her luxury jewelry line. Her line is about simplicity and is for the jetsetting gypsy of the 21st century. The Jennifer Potter Collection embodies Jennifer’s love of opulence and effortless style. Her pieces are meant to be piled on with others to create a layered look. Each piece is crafted by hand in the USA and is made from the most precious stones, 14K gold and platinum.

Down below are photos from her collection, photos of Jennifer along with press photos from my BriteWhite MINI shoot and my “All That” cast Reunion from Comikaze Convention. All of the jewelry I am wearing necklace wise only fyi are from The Jennifer Potter Jewelry collection!

          For More Info Please Visit Jennifer’s Online Social Media Links Along With Her Website! 

           For Custom Made Orders Or To Simply Just Order A Piece Already In Jennifer’s Collection Check Out Her Links Down Below!


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