Brite White MINI

Brite White MINI

Being an actress it’s beyond vital for me to look and feel my best at all times. Whether its being on the red carpet, doing photo shoots, press and much more its beyond vital for my teeth to look their best. That’s why I am so excited to share with you about my most favorite must have product called the Brite White MINI. With the Brite White MINI I am able to smile and feel great no matter where I am. A few years ago I attended a gifting suite and that’s where I had the opportunity to learn about this amazing product. I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce Osborn the CEO of the Brite White MINI. There I learned all about what the Brite White MINI has to offer anyone that is looking for an easy solution to teeth whitening on the go. The Brite White MINI is great for the whole family and also is great for anyone that is constantly on the go like myself. It is safe, effective and affordable with CE and federal clearance which means its can travel anywhere. It is honestly the most innovative teeth whitening in the world. The Brite White MINI keeps my teeth looking sparkling bright and white at all times and it also gives me confidence. The Brite White MINI is the safest and most affordable way to whiten my teeth. 

The Brite White MINI has a unique mouth piece, utilizing Red LED lights that go inside the mouth. It’s hands free and it only takes 20 minutes to make your teeth sparkling white like diamonds. All you do is brush on the Brite White gel onto your teeth and place the Brite White MINI over your teeth for 20 minutes. There is a self timer that lights up on the Brite White MINI and once your time is up the light will go off that way you know that its time to reveal your pearly whites. Once you are done you then apply a special gel onto your teeth as the final step. It’s as simple as that! The Brite White MINI also comes with an awesome travel bag that’s light and that is small enough to fit into any purse or suit case while traveling. 

Be sure to check out the latest Brite White MINI video that I am currently in that’s on my website and on my YouTube channel. Copy and paste the link to see:

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Joyce Osborn asked me to be the official spokesman of the Brite White MINI and of course I said YES! Mainly because I also feel so passionate about this product. Later this 2016 stay posted on me and the Brite White MINI. We have some big things in the works and I am so honored to be able to cross promote with such an amazing company. Be sure to check out their website at and also please follow them on Twitter and Instagram and LIKE them on Facebook @BriteWhiteMINI 

If you want white teeth in just 20 minutes this is the product to have! Be sure to visit to get yours today!!!!






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