My Top 5 Must Have’s of 2017

Every year I like to share my Top Must Have Products that I am a fan of and that I actively use and stand by.

Below is “MY TOP 5 MUST HAVE’S” that I had to share….

1.) ENDURE LASH – this company is so cool! I love their products front to back. If you wear eye lash extensions or false lashes this is the company for you. This is a must have. 

With EndureLash™ organic eyelash extension drying cloths, you can swim, shower, bathe, play sports, and have the confidence to dry your extensions with less snags, no lint, and better overall maintenance between monthly visits to the eyelash studio. EndureLash™ drying cloths are organic and hypoallergenic, so they are safe to use around the sensitive eye area.

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2.) BE FLAWLESS COSMETICS – I love the Be Flawless Lipstick and Gloss line. It lasts for a long time and the color stays fresh. These lipsticks and gloss plump and hydrate your lips. They are also cruelty free. This company is run by Chiquis & Judi. This is a must have. 

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3.) EXTRA FINE FOOT WEAR – I love this company they have the dopest young contemporary style of shoes. I love my boho flats. If you want something that you can wear during the day and that are also comfy and something that you can also wear in the evening this is the company for you. This is a must have. 

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4.) “BUTTER ELIXIR” BODY & HAIR OIL – I adore this product. The fact that you can use it on your hair and on your body is amazing. Its great for split ends and for your nail cuticles. Its a conditioning and anti age oil. Its a multi power product all in one. Plus it only has 4 ingredients in it. The lavender and chamomile oils in the product make it smell divine. This is a must have. 

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5.) MINI MANI MOO – I thought this was the coolest nail product. This liquid tape will help you to keep your finger fresh & clean when your polishing your nails or doing nail art. Just apply it to areas you want free of polish, let it dry, color your nails, and then you can peel off the mess! You can even apply it as a base coat , it will help you to get rid of your nail polish by peeling it off when you are ready to change your mani or pedi! Contains LATEX: not recommended if you are allergic to LATEX. This is a must have.

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Sending you all lots of love and light this 2017!

Yours Truly,






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