What Are You Waiting For ?

What Are You Waiting For ?

As we embrace the spring flowers and the sunny skies and patiently wait for the summer to come we start to get the itch to want to spring forward and start paying attention to the goals and desires we so longed for in the previous year. So we revisit our vision boards and we start journaling again, we get back on a health kick and we then start to Re – Boot, Re – Do, Re – Organize, Re – Everything until we get REALLY burnt out.

Then one day you wake up and take a look at yourself in the mirror and you say to yourself “What Are You Waiting For?”

New Years Eve Resolutions shouldn’t be just a moment promise to yourself. Don’t you really crave and want your true “AH HA” moment? In the past decade I personally went through a major shift and chapter turner in my life. My mother passed away, I got married, I moved and I even made new friends and parted ways with some along the way and thanks be to God I started some new jobs and projects. I realized that life is very short and that our TIME here on earth is so precious. I recently learned that I had been living in a 3D mindset and that I was now ready to turn my full power on 100% to be aligned into my awakened 7th D higher self. I am realizing that THOUGHTS and WORDS are the true manifestations we throw out into the universe and that what you think and say are the keys and magic to creating your heaven here on earth.

There is a major SHIFT that is taking place here on earth as we speak. Gaia aka Mother Earth is re-downloading new programs and washing away the old to make room for the new. There is a major ascension that is happening and those that are awakened will realize that the old ways no longer serve us in our new-found way of thinking and living. This 2017 is a big year on re-programing from the old and embracing the new way of thinking and living. What I have realized is that the things that once mattered to me no longer matter and that I am growing and involving and changing all for the greater good of Gaia & for my soul. Its time to shed the old and re transform yourself into the person you always knew you could be. What Are You Waiting For?

Ego….is a fear based emotion. It’s an illusion. The more you feed it energy the more it gets what it wants. That’s why learning how to put your ego in check is the key. Once you master that the sky is the limit.

Below are a few personal secrets of mine that help ground me on a daily basis so I can stay on my path of love & light.

1.) Grounding – When I wake up the first thing I do in the morning is I thank God & my Lord Jesus Christ or whomever your greater and higher being is for you for allowing me to live another day. I say Hi to my spirit guides and my guardian angels and acknowledge those in the spirit world that protect me on a daily basis. I say and read positive prayers and affirmations and also say positive invocations that I have created for myself. I set positive intentions for the day and surround myself with love and light and send that love and light back out to the world. I then connect myself to Gaia aka Mother Earth and stay rooted to her as soon as my day starts. Creating a shield around yourself before you exit your home or even drive your car helps allow your Eb & flow to Eb & flow a lot smoother through out your day. Meditation and prayer always grounds me along with saging and the use of my crystals and oils. Find what works for you to start your day off right. Just be sure to start it off RIGHT the minute you open your eyes. That’s why going to bed on a positive note and letting God and the universe or whom ever your greater and higher being is know that you are grateful for all of your blessings. Then REPEAT this on a daily basis and just see the positive effects that it will have on you. Creating a healthy loving routine for yourself is Grounding all in it self.

2.) Higher Self – This for me means God the universe or whom ever your greater and higher being is for you. Creating a daily connection to your God your greater and higher being is the cord the activation between you and higher self. Staying grounded and rooted allows you to have a better relationship with your higher self and others. Which then creates a healing energy for Gaia during this transitional shift that is taking place here on Earth at this time.

3.) Visualization/Manifestation – Bringing your soul truth into reality and making it come ALIVE. I am big on vision boards and blogging and journaling and doing the nitty-gritty self-help work that I feel helps one along their soul journey. Creating sacred space whether it be ALONE time or time with a circle of trusted friends and family that are like mind beings and share the same core beliefs and values that work best for you. Taking time to tune out the everyday world and being with yourself in your present moment. Meditating and praying on your goals and desires and sending that love and light back to its original source.

Then you REPEAT the top 3 secrets as often as possible….

Creating a new YOU takes TIME & WORK! I am a strong believer on what you throw out comes back to you. The Universe is the echo in which you vibrate. So be aware of your present moment. Don’t worry or lament. Think of the things you are grateful for and what you desire and send love and light out to the world. What you put out is what you attract that is the law of attraction.

At the end of the day loving what who you really are is what life is all about then we can give that love to others. The real work is inside of us all that other stuff the external stuff is just on the outside it’s not who we really are. I send you all so much love and light this 2017 and pray that during this sacred shift and time of awakening and ascending into our high 5, 6 and 7D higher self we do so with grace and ease and maintain a sense of letting go and trusting that God the universe and Gaia has our back as long as we stay in tune with the positive vibration of our souls blue print.

Love & Light & Yours Truly,









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