“Healing Energy”  is the best way I can describe my favorite Bath and Soap company Native Reign.

I first encountered Native Reign at a gifting suite. I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful aroma of sage, lavender, honey, sea salt and so many more organic and lovely ingredients that are in their products that I have had the pleasure of using. Above in the photo is their soap Sandal Wood. Such a rich and beautiful smell.  I adore the dream catcher in the middle of their soaps. Its gives them such a special touch. Its imprinted as you can see and you can feel that it comes from the heart. The range of products are very large. From soaps small to larger lotions for the face and body to bath salts and so much more. My favorite lotion is Moon Glow. Its magical. I could not stop using it. I contacted the President of Native Reign, Robert Nelson and said I must get a large bottle lol. There is also an Anti Aging one that is OMG… FAB!!!


Native Reign is an American Indian hand crafted premium Natural Soap and Bath Products company. Native Reign began as a single employee, internet based company, whose purpose is to manufacture and provide exceptional products, while building long, sincere relationships with its customers. Native Reign LLC, known as originated in 2014, by Robert Nelson, an 18-year-old Seminole Indian. Robert’s passion and vision for a better way of life is reflected in his business model of moralities, superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction first and foremost. As business steadily increased, it was necessary to accept the help of a few family members, making Native Reign a family run company. Opening with only 20 products to offer, presently Native Reign has 159 products organized into 57 categories. Approximately 90 of these products are Natural Soaps of various aromas and recipes. Natural Soaps and natural moisturizer are the best-selling products. Native Reign anticipates becoming a recognized brand and has intentions of opening a local retail location in the near future.


Being in the entertainment industry I meet so many amazing people and companies. Native Reign really stood out to me simply because of their message. Which is to me Love and Light. You can tell every piece of soap is made with love and healing energy. Each product to me felt so blessed and because of that feeling using Native Reign products made it all more exciting and made the experience a joyful one. I hope you will have the chance to try your very own Native Reign soap or lotion. Be sure to check out their social media links below and for more info on their products and pricing visit 


Love and Light,

Alisa Reyes



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