We control the experience of our life. Through our thoughts and feelings we can create the best of things and the worst of things. The first time I was told that we are all reflections of one another I realized that life can be all that one wanted with the simple action of a positive thought. While watching an episode of a TV show that has Morgan Freeman as the host called “The Story of GOD” on The National Geographic channel he said something that truly touched my soul that I had to share with you all.

“The GOD in ME is the best version of ME. The GOD in ME is who I strive to be. Who I was meant to be”.

Attracting the highest and greatest good is what life is all about. Being the best version of you for the greater good of the world is what we strive for as humans. We all deserve to live a happy and abundant life filled with joy and laughter. In order to live that life organically we must put out that energy in order to continue to attract just that. Do you ever notice how when you just simply smile at a stranger that your smile made them smile and that simple moment is the grain of sand that the universe sees as a magical moment for you and your karma. Remember the golden rule “To do onto others as you would have others do unto you”. If we as humans are all one and we followed this golden rule that we as a whole would be more at peace and alignment with our higher selves.

“I am YOU and YOU are I”.

Our life is a series of choices and we are the master of our life.We attract how our moods are how our day is going and so forth. So lets start being grateful for what we already have. Lets start accepting ourselves and realizing that change is a beautiful thing to embrace. That being the light will help others to be the light with you.

One thing I realized is that we as humans tend to have a lot of perceived thoughts. So the key is to try to change your perception of things that way you won’t judge so much and you may take a break on being hard on your self. If you want a happy day then you need to wake up happy. Simple as that. Granted it may seem easier said then done but our mind is power tool. So imagine the magic that could transpire with the simple thought of “I love myself and everything is exactly the way it should be”. If you can love yourself and reflect that love onto others. Your days will be Golden!

Your Truly,



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  1. Terry says:

    Truly inspiring

  2. Loved the blog. Definitely what I needed to read today.

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