Top 5 Must Haves this 2018

Top 5 Must Haves of 2018

I recently had the pleasure and honor of attending an amazing gifting suite for The Golden Globes (#Secretroomeventscelebritylounge #SLS). While I was there I had such an amazing time meeting so many amazing companies that had such great products that I am now a fan of I just had to share my new FAV Must Haves of 2018 in this blog. Below is my Top 5 List of some amazing Must Have Products that I have used and own. I stand by these products and couldn’t wait to share them with you!


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1.) Lil O BlossomLilOBlossom offers mothers the most luxurious baby bath care, hair care, and diaper care products that are naturally gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. The unique Lil ‘O’ Blossom blend of patented Oleosome ingredient technology with the ancient simplicity of ‘Mother’s Best Friend,’ Moringa Oil, keeps babies skin healthy and radiant. Lil ‘O’ Blossom makes you feel confident about pampering your baby.

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I just love Lil O Bloosom products not only are they good for YOU but they are good for BABIES now you cant beat that! This was an easy sell. Plus the quality and feel and smell is amazing. I use this lotion every day. Its my go to lotion on a daily basis! This would be a great gift for a new mom. Or just for YOU or anyone whether you have a child or not this product is for everyone.










2.) Senovie – Admired for their unique properties, seaweeds are a natural emollient
and hunectant that feed and hydrate your skin while leaving it silky, soft and radiant.
Rich with Antioxidants, Amino acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6 we have
incorporate it into a two step system allowing for :

– Detoxifying, calming and cooling your skin
– all while nourishing it with the rich seaweed unique properties.

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I just adore Senovie this mask makes me feel so re-freshed. It makes my face feel so clean that this became my new GO TO Mask. This is a must try!










3.) Passion Planner – Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It’s more than just a planner—it’s a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present. Think of it as a 24/7 life coach that fits in your backpack—always ready to challenge you to focus on what is most important, accept your thoughts and ideas without judgment, and prompt you to reflect on your everyday life. We hope that it becomes a place where you can declutter your mind, allowing you to focus on the present moment.

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This Passion Planner is the coolest planner I have ever seen. Its like a journal/diary/planner/vision board all in one. You cant get better then that. I am a person that loves a list for everythng. Structure and organization is vital to me. The Passion Planner makes putting together my goals and lists and weekly scheudle a breeze! This is an awesome gift but even more often for YOU! This is a must try for everyone! Especially YOURSELF! This allows you to learn how to put YOU 1st!








4.) Nude Stix – NUDESTIX is a simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that cover all the bases and give you a fresh-faced, nude look. Enriched with skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers, each multipurpose NUDESTIX pencil is packed with goodness to #GONUDEBUTBETTER.

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It was love at first sight when I first was introduced to Nude Stix. The first color I ever tried was called Purity. This company knows how to perfect the texture and feel and color of what a nude lip stick should feel and look like. If you havent tried Nude Stix be sure to. This company is a must try!








5.) Raffaele Ruberto #9, #10 & #11 – His extensive research in the lab & time spent foraging the globe for cutting-edge ingredients, is how Raffaele manages to create honest & effective skin treatments. Raffaele’s interest in anti-aging research & extending the life cycle of skin cells, has resulted in the unmatched anti-aging RAFFAELE RUBERTO brand. His unwavering determination has managed to merge cutting-edge anti-aging research with organic science. An industry first, RAFFAELE RUBERTO’S overwhelming reception has been a testament to its unparalleled efficacy.

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Last but not least RAFFAELE RUBERTO is a secret gem that I just adore. This skin care line is a God send and I am obsessed with it! I have used tons of products in my life time but this line is high end, top of the line quality product and the results are just spot on. My skin feels healed, re-freshed and hydrated. This company is a must try and a skin care line you wont want to live without. I am a fan 100% !



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