Are You Ready for Summer?

Summer is here and we all know what that means. It means its time to shed off those winter clothes and time to clean out your closet and most of all time to weed out the things that no longer serve purpose in your life. In the beginning of every year I start the year off with a vision board filled with my goals and dreams. During the spring equinox I love to reboot and recharge my goals and dreams with positive mantras and affirmations. Then by the summer time I love to set free and let go and remind myself that life is meant to be fun and carefree. That a schedule or routine or a set program isn’t always needed. I have a very A type personality at times to where I must have a plan, create a schedule and have things be as organized as possible. As I get older I realize that the releasing and letting go and surrendering to the universe is the best medicine I could ever give myself when it comes to a mental peace of mind. I love meditating and praying especially when I am in nature or on the beach. Anytime I am one with Gaia aka Mother Earth all is aligned. During the summer time people tend to feel worried about what they look like rather than how they are feeling. We live in a world where the attention span of a person is so quick that the average joe doesn’t even want to allow their self to feel. I am big on the law of attraction and I believe that what you put out comes back. The summer time is a time of renewing yourself, connecting with the earth, grounding, sometimes even purging and most of all coming to terms with who you are and where you want to go. Then in the fall we start to want to hibernate and come winter we go into complete shut down mode so we can start fresh for the new year. Life is a beautiful cycle, of elements, seasons and most of all of energy. We must raise our vibration to the frequency we desire. Its time to shed the old 3D you and embrace the ascension that is transpiring here on Earth. Gaia is blossoming into her true self and so are we as a collective. Remember who you are and remember to love you and to always be your true and authentic self. Please know that I love you, Gaia loves you and God loves you and that we are all one!

Happy Summer!

Yours Truly,



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