Connecting to Your Higher Self

We live in a fast-paced world where the 3D matrix has created programming for us that needs to be reprogrammed, rebooted, recharged, so we can all ascend into ones highest self which will then align us with Gaia during her rebirth that is taking place at this moment. Along with helping us merge into our soul purpose, our original Blue Print.

An Acension is taking place. An Awakening is taking place. Some are aware and some are sleeping. I am Awake. That is why Connecting to Your High Self is a guide and tool during the Ascension process. Some of you may be completely on a different frequency while reading this and some of you may resonate with it. This blog is all based on my personal opinion and my own personal galactic journey. In the past ten years I experienced the loss of my mother, I got married, I moved & because of that I am was able to become more grounded & connected to my higher self then I have ever been before.

Through church, prayer, meditation, hot yoga, nature, journeling, channeling, and letting go of things that no longer serve me for my highest good. This soul searching allowed my inner awakening to really transend into my higherself into my 5, 6 D self. Acknowledging my rebirth and my goals, beliefs, aspirations, passions, wants & needs allowed me to bond with in my self during this time of Ascension. I wanted to write a blog about Connecting to Your Higher Self as a reminder to stop and take time to BREATH, SMELL THE ROSES & CREATE SACRED TIME FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU! Gaia’s energy is at an all high and with it being mercury in retrograde our inner shadows and deepest desires are surfacing. Staying connected to Gaia’s crystal line grid and meditating and creating sacred space, praying, affirming, transcending, manifesting is key to resonate to ones original blue print aka sacred geometry. Creating a healthy routine for ones self is a beautiful thing but at the same time you dont want to become consumed by the 3D world and lose touch on your soul mission. So please remember to live and let live, surrender and most of all trust that the universe has your back. That the power of thought is magic in itself. What you put out comes back its the law of attraction so in order to connect to ones higher self one must connect and align with ones true intention. Well sounds easier said then done right? Journal, Read, Research, Pray, Hike, Meditate, Retreat, Sleep, Cry, Rebirth, Transcend then do it all over again. That is connecting to your higher self. That is what soul searching is. At least to me. Digging deep. Remembering to keep your self in tact and to never give up. To hold onto what you learned as a child but at the same time remember to let it go because certain things or people or situations dont define YOU. I love you all dearly and I want nothing more then PEACE in this world. I write these blogs to help shine light on reminding you all that you can do it! That you are worthy and that you are all strong and most of all light beams and warriors. What ever it is that you believe in love it, respect it and shine light on it! Spread love and light and be the reflection you want to see in others.

Yours Truly,



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