Can you believe we are already embracing the fall and getting ready to mentally prepare for the Holidays. Where does the time go? And YES I said Holidays! Remember we must speak and think positive words so as I like to remind myself from time to time I am abundant with TIME and I have all the TIME in the world. Now getting back to reality, during this time of year the anxiety can start to kick in and the TO DO LIST of LIFE comes out from under the cobwebs and surfaces multiple memories of what shoulda, coulda & woulda needed to happen this 2017. Or you start to ask yourself ok what was my goal for this year? So you can feel like your purpose isn’t lost in Outer Space and isn’t just floating around waiting for you to grab a hold of it and just give IT some LOVE. Hence why the topic of Letting Go comes front and center at this very moment.

Letting Go has become an energy that doesn’t like to be ignored. It lingers and tries to stain and reminds you that you still have some work to do and by Letting Go the healing the joy the exhilaration will bloom and blossom like the secret garden to your soul. Time is of the essence they say. Who are they? My husband always says THEY and I say oh YES, THEY! LOL

At the end of a chapter one realizes that its all either worth or its not. Its either worth the battle or its not. Its either worth the energy or its not. That old saying that people come into ones life for a reason or a season is so spot on. We don’t know why friendships change why relationships end or how they even start. They just do. This is all apart of the journey apart of the climb and fall apart of this crazy roller coaster. The chaos can be a challenge but remember you must stay grounded. For the connection to your highest good is the key. Setting time to do the inner work you know you must do. Follow your intuition, surround yourself with love & light and focus on what serves you best rather than creating a nest. Let go of the past, be present and remember that the future is yours. As my husband says to me. The time is NOW!

How ever you want to portray your version of the show remember that its all about Letting Go. For that truly frees the soul and lightens the load. It can resemble a reflection that is hard to see. So when the sun sets to rest remember that Letting Go is the best.


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